Dragon Deities:

Perhaps the oldest gods, these two rose from the ashes of the fallen god Io in the time before.

  • Bahamut, god of Righteousness (Life, Light, War)
  • Tiamat, quintune goddess of Vengeance (Death, Knowledge, Nature, Tempest, Trickery)

Dwarven Cult:

The Dwarves are unique in that they only worship one god. They also pray to their ancestors for guidance.

  • Moradin, god of Dwarves (Knowledge, Life, War)

Elven Pantheon:

The Elves have a deep appreciation of the night sky, reflected in their deities.

  • Corellon, the god of the Stars (Light, Knowledge)
  • Sehanine, goddess of the Moon (Nature)
  • Lolth, goddess of the Abyss, the space between the stars (Trickery)

Human Pantheon:

The gods of humanity are a varied lot, as cosmopolitan as their worshipers.

  • Avandra, goddess of Luck (Trickery)
  • Bane, god of War (War)
  • Erathis, god of Civilization (Knowledge)
  • Kord, god of Storms (Tempest)
  • Pelor, god of the Sun (Life, Light)
  • The Raven Queen, goddess of Death (Death)
  • Zehir, the Betrayer (Trickery)


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